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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Have you been contacted to teach as a result of iTeachNursing.org?

Did you take a position as a result of iTeachNursing.org?

If not, why?

How often have you accessed iTeachNursing.org to view available positions?

Are you continuing to use the site to seek teaching opportunities?

Have you loaded a profile?

If you haven't yet loaded a profile, please tell us why.

Have you taken advantage of the Resources on the site, i.e., Best Practices, Conferences & Seminars, Faculty Development?

Have you encouraged other qualified candidates to use iTeachNursing.org to view positions?

What do you see as the best way to reach other qualified candidates?

Would you like us to contact you to help you maximize usage of iTeachNursing.org?

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