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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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:: Summary of Requirements

I'd like to teach nursing -- am I qualified?

Whether you have an ADN, BSN or a master’s degree in nursing or another field, you can teach in some capacity and your expertise is needed!  All registered nurses with a BSN or higher degree are encouraged to complete an online profile even if you don't meet all of the state requirements below.  Individual schools can work with you to develop a plan to obtain the experience needed for your desired teaching level.

The following is a synopsis of faculty qualifications outlined by the California Board of Registered Nursing’s California Nursing Practice Act under 1425: Faculty -- Qualifications and Changes.  To summarize CCR 1425, faculty requirements are as follows:
An active license issued by the California BRN.
Requirements by classification -- please note these are BRN terms and do not reflect institutional faculty ranks:

An instructor  must have a Master's or higher degree in nursing, education or administration, at least one year’s experience teaching or coursework in teaching and at least one year’s experience providing direct patient care as an RN with recent (last 5 years) competency. Instructor level approval is required in order to assume full responsibility for a classroom course.
An assistant instructor  must have a Baccalaureate degree in nursing or a related field and at least one year’s experience providing direct patient care as an RN with demonstrated clinical competency. An assistant instructor may teach in the classroom but not assume full responsibility for the course.
A clinical teaching assistant  must have at least one year's experience, within the previous five years, providing direct patient care as an RN with demonstrated clinical competency. A clinical teaching assistant may not teach in the classroom and will teach under the direction of the instructor.

Link to our FAQs for more clarification of requirements based on your specific degree and experience.
Note: If you do not have recent experience in a clinical setting, the BRN has established faculty remediation guidelines.  Click here to learn more.

For the full text of CCR 1425, BRN forms and related information, please visit the BRN website at http://www.rn.ca.gov.     

:: Regulations

Title 16 Professional and Vocational Regulations, Division 14. Board of Registered Nursing
Section 1425: Faculty -- Qualifications and Changes

Vocational Nursing Practice Act
Section 2529: Faculty Qualifications

:: Forms

Board of Registered Nursing Approval

The BRN Faculty Approval Notification is completed by the Director, Chair or Department Head of the school to which you are applying and is sent to the BRN for approval.  This completed form, returned with approval from the BRN, is considered valid for you to teach at any California school of nursing. You should request a copy of the completed approval form from your Director, Chair, or Department Head to keep with your records so that you can provide it to other schools in the future.

View BRN approval form